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Vlad Driving School provides comprehensive driverís education to effectively train new drivers. The training program ensures that students are adequately prepared for the theory and practical exams.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of the student drivers:

Main Package

VLAD Driving school offers the required 24 hours of theory & 15 hours of practical lessons required by the SAAQ. Upon completion, each student with be issued their attestation. We offer lessons with both a manual or automatic car.

Manual Car Driving Aid

Our instructors help our students to learn about and better understand the workings of a manual car. They are given the opportunity to drive a manual car to perfect their skills.

Practical Exam Aid

For students who feel that they need additional assistance in preparing for the practical exam, Vlad Driving School guides them through every step. Students who choose the Practical Exam Aid package, are able to practice with one of our instructors. Plus, they can take the exam with the car that they have used during their practical courses.

Perfection Classes

For students who have failed the practical exam and need to improve certain aspects of their driving, Vlad Driving School will help them address and overcome their driving difficulties.

Areas that students may need to focus on include:

  • Parking
  • City or highway lane changes
  • Highway entrance and exit
  • Braking, turning, stopping and blind spots
  • Speed control

Theory Course

Vlad Driving School offers a comprehensive theory program to address all issues related to driving and road safety. This includes rules of the road, traffic signage, emergency situations, driving in unfavourable conditions, stopping distance and more. Our small classes allow for more personalized attention. Following completion of the theory course, students can book time at our office to practice for the practical theory exam. And, students wanting additional help, further explanation or a brief review of the course, can meet with a member of our teaching staff for a two-hour one-on-one session.

Boating Lessons NEW

VLAD Driving School - Boating Lessons

In order to drive a boat, you must possess a boating license. Boating safety is a serious and often underrated issue. Our aim at Vlad Driving School is to offer you quality lessons which will teach you how to drive a boat safely and efficiently.


Thank you so much for your help the past year and a bit! This couldn't have been done without you. See you on the streets! Thanks, Malcolm

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