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How much does a theory test cost?

The cost of the theory test is 11$, you can pay at the SAAQ by : cash, cheques or Interac but not credit cards.

What if I fail my theory test?

You must obtain in all three sections an overall mark of 75% or more to pass. If you are unsuccessful, you must redo only the failed section(s) after a delay of twenty-eight days, plus pay another test fee of $11.

Can I drive outside of Quťbec with my Learner's Permit?

No. It is forbidden to drive anywhere outside of Quebec with your learnerís permit.

What is the permissible blood alcohol limit?

With the learners permit, you must have 0% blood alcohol, and your co-driver must have a blood alcohol level below .08%. While you have your learner's licence, your backseat passengers must have 0 blood alcohol as well. When you get your probationary licence, you may transport passengers that have been drinking.

What kinds of vehicles can I drive with my learnerís permit?

With your Class 5 learner's permit, you can only drive Class 5 vehicles(Passenger cars).

How much does the SAAQ road test cost?

The road test costs $27.25. Upon completion you will receive your Probationary Licence. This will cost you a maximum sum of $188.92. Itís payable by cash, cheque or debit card. The SAAQ does NOT accept any credit cards. If you fail, you must wait 28 days before attempting your road test again. Another 27.25$ feel will be required to pass the test.

What else do I have to bring to my SAAQ road test?

  • Your attestation given to you once you have completed the driving course (certificate), which is the confirmation of your driving course.
  • Parental authorization if you are under 18 years of age
  • Your valid Learnerís permit

Does my name need to appear on the insurance certificate?

No, but you must contact your insurance company ahead of time to have them add you to the insurance policy of the vehicle you will be bringing to the road test.

How long do I have to wait before I can take my road test?

In order to take your road test, you must have completed the driving course and have passed your knowledge exam. You must hold a valid learnerís permit for 1 year before taking your road exam.

What is a Probationary Driver's Licence?

The SAAQ will issue you a probationary driverís license that will be valid for 2 years after completing your road test. During those 2 years, you will have a total of 4 demerit points and your blood alcohol level must be at 0% at all times, while driving.


Thank you so much for your help the past year and a bit! This couldn't have been done without you. See you on the streets! Thanks, Malcolm

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